Beginners Yiddish with Avi Blitz

taring February 8, this course will introduce you to Yiddish language and culture. Over a period of three weeks, you will learn how to write, read, speak, and understand basic Yiddish. The course will introduce you to the fundamental grammatical principles of the language, which will give you a solid base to build on as you continue your Yiddish journey. Through songs, poetry, and literature, you will become acquainted with Yiddish culture, a rich tradition covering almost a thousand years of Jewish history. You will be provided with a syllabus and learning material, though you are advised to purchase Uriel Weinreich’s Yiddish English, English-Yiddish dictionary. The course is fully online by zoom with access to UNTREF virtual campus. Duration 3 weeks. Course load: February 8-26; Monday to Friday from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. GMT4 Argentina Buenos Aires. Register and reserve your spot here:

The Yiddish language program in IWO is envisioned with a dual approach.
• As a communication language: we offer tools to facilitate self-expression and production in Yiddish as a venue for transmission and reception of Jewish cultural heritage.
• As a language of access to historical documentation: we foster access to different forms of written artifacts and emphasize the recognition of non-standard forms of the language.

About the Instructor:A dual citizen of Israel and the UK, Avi Blitz is a graduate of Oxford University and holds a PhD in Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies from Indiana University. His research focuses on the Yiddish Tsene-rene, a seventeenth-century compilation of biblical, midrashic, and folkloric stories arranged according to the weekly Torah reading. Blitz is a contributor to In Geveb, an online journal of Yiddish Studies. He has taught Hebrew, Yiddish, and Jewish Studies in the United States, Israel, and Europe. His last academic appointment was at the Polis Institute of Languages and Humanities in Jerusalem where he taught MA courses in Hebrew literature and Jewish sources. Blitz is currently based in Panama where he directs language instruction at a trilingual school.